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New Zealand Domain Name Register News

Anonymous 'Back Judith' website has fake phone number, registered to Collins' office address
But a domain name lookup on the service whois ... The name associated with the registration was Raquel Ray. There is no online or ownership records of a Raquel Ray in New Zealand, save for a recently set up Facebook account and a smattering of Official ...

'First come first served' may be inappropriate for direct domain registration
The auDA recently announced it was seeking feedback on how best to implement policy for the registration of domain names directly before the dot ... The auDA has assessed how the UK and New Zealand have implemented a similar policy, Swinson said, but ...

Have We Reached Peak Use of DNSSEC?
Domain name zone administrators ... offering reduced name registration fees for DNSSEC-signed zones. The metrics of signed DNSSEC zones are not easy to come by for the entire Internet, but subsections of the namespace are more visible. In New Zealand ...

Country domain names not yet downtown
Domain names for the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and Mexico are in the pool of unrestricted addresses. "These are countries where anyone can register whether you're a 14-year-old hacker or corporation," Brand said. Germany requires a local ...

BCCI website goes on blink after non-payment of dues by Lalit Modi
On Saturday — a day when India won the Under-19 World Cup in New Zealand ... "Modi had bought the domain of the website (from website registrars and in 2006, ownership is still in his name. He continued to own the domain ...

The Mirai Botnet Is Attacking Again…
If you were a cybercriminal, why not use "free" domain registration ... names offend the senses or offer dubious advice. What’s Up with all the .tk Domains? In theory, the .tk top level domain (TLD) represents the Tokelau island chain of New Zealand ...

After Beating New Zealand on The Field, MS Dhoni Registers Big Win Off it
The respondent did not file a formal response to the complainant's contentions and accordingly the panel found that the respondent had no rights or legitimate interests in the disputed domain name. The penal concluded the registration and use of the domain ...

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