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Domain Name System Tools market scrutinized in new research
Submitted by RNR Market Research. The Global Domain Name System Tools Market research 2018 exploring the current market Revenue, demand, Size, trend, overview, shares, and growth with the help of 15 C...

New York frozen-drink maker sues cybersquatter over alleged domain-name shakedown
A new lawsuit alleges a food company called Daily Harvest is being extorted by a cybersquatter redirecting potential customers visiting a website they assume belongs to the company to controversial we...

Domain Name System Tools Market 2018 Top Manufactures Analysis, Size, Share, Trends and Forecast to 2022
Former, current and forecast Domain Name System Tools Market Industry analysis in terms of volume and value along with research conclusions which exponentially accelerate your business and helps the n...

Malibu: a Million Dollar Domain Name For a Billion Dollar Beach
The acquisition of this domain is a forever one-time opportunity to strengthen or support a current or new brand. Domain names are the most valuable business assets of the internet age – serving as bo...

Domain Registrars and Registries Don’t Want to ‘Police’ Piracy
Copyright holders would like domain name registrars and registries to take a more active anti-piracy approach. There was some serious movement in this direction last year when a new copyright ...

A Geographic New TLD heads to the chopping block
.Doha gets nixed, along with two dot-brand top level domains. A handful of additional top level domain name operators have informed ICANN that they no longer wish to operate their new top level domain...

An OSINT Analysis of the Elon Musk Bitcoin Scam
Of course, Bitcoin scams on Twitter are nothing new, yet when I came across this live in my Twitter feed this week, I couldn’t resist performing some OSINT on the domain names involved ...

More Than 20 Domain Registrars, Including GoDaddy Offering .realestate
and domain name extensions are no exception,” said Second Generation President Matthew Embrescia. “Second Generation has been a part of the first wave of new top-level domains for many years ...

Domain Names: .ME to allow IDN registrations
This post is selected from our Anchovy News publication: Anchovy® is our comprehensive and centralised online brand protection service for global domain name strategy, including new gTLDs together wit...

Laura Ingraham lashes out over New York billboard condemning anti-gay group
This sign was put up in New York and people don't see the small print and think @AllianceDefends put up a no gays allowed sign. It was actually put up by a pro LGBT org that uses the domain name ...

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