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US govt concedes that you can indeed f**k Nazis online: Domain-name swear ban lifted
As part of that process, the seven banned words were written into the first contract signed in 2001, and been there since, meaning you couldn't register a .us domain name containing those naughty stri...

"Seven Dirty Words" Restriction Policy Lifted from .US Domain Name Registrations
It thus surprised [us] to learn that NTIA and Neustar had a policy of using the Pacifica list of seven words to police domain name registrations. NTIA and Neustar saw fit to cancel [Mr. Rubin's] regis...

Domain Name Commission wins first step in lawsuit
More than 20,000 domain names have already taken up the privacy option. DomainTools is a digital intelligence-gathering company in the US and has been scraping registration data from New Zealand’s Dom...

NZ Domain Name Commission wins injunction against Domain Tools
More than 20,000 domain names have already taken up the option. However, DomainTools, a digital intelligence-gathering company in the US, has allegedly been scraping registration data from New Zealand ...

New Zealand’s Domain Name Commission wins against data scraper
The New Zealand Domain Name Commission has asserted that "DomainTools is a digital intelligence-gathering company in the US and has been scraping registration data from New Zealand’s Domain Name Commi...

Africa registry launches gateway solution for domain names in Africa
“African companies selling domain names today or planning to in the future deserve the same range of products and services to sell enjoyed by their peers in Europe, the US and Asia. Africa ...

Domain Name Commission wins lawsuit against US intelligence firm DomainTools
The Domain Name Commission has taken on a US intelligence-gathering company and won a motion for a preliminary injunction in court. The US-based company called DomainTools has been scraping registrati...

Don't abandon that domain name
"In the US, 2017 was a record year for top-tier law firm mergers ... against news of mergers and acquisitions in the relevant trade pubs, or just re-register any domain name that catches their fancy. ...

VeriSign Gains on Higher Domain Name Registrations in Q2
Notably, per its agreement with ICANN, the annual fee for a .net domain name registration has been increased from $8.20 to $9.02 effective Feb 1, 2018. VeriSign has returned 33.5% on a year-to-date ba...

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
“Think of us as your friendly drunk (but responsibly so) straw person that takes the blame for your expressions,” Njalla notes. TorrentFreak spoke to Peter Sunde who says that the service is needed to ...

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