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First comes baby, then comes baby’s personalized domain name
Millennial parents are picking baby names based on available domain names ... millennials were nearly twice as likely to have their own domain and/or website than Gen X — 29 percent versus 17 percent. ...

Seniors Choice News Magazine Releases Domain Name
"The web site has been receiving hundreds of visitors ... The business owners are busy running their business, they're not out hunting domain names." "It's easy to forget that what we're making availa...

How to buy a domain name for your small business website
It is the website name that your business will be known as ... For example, the option says that your domain name will be available for Rs 99 when you register for 2 years. The price for the fi...

Prima Locksmith Announces New Web Domain Name
Sacramento, CA - Prima Locksmith, a veteran provider of professional locksmith services in Sacramento, is pleased to announce it has secured a new web domain name. The new Prima Locksmith online venue ...

6 Best Practices For Choosing A Domain Name For Your Small Business Website
The website domain name needs to tap into the desired audience with its name ... Choose a relevant domain extension With all the different domain extensions available, it is important to choose the on...

This site helps you find the perfect Emoji domain name (with one caveat)
You can now even buy web addresses ... to find your emoji domain name is 😁.to (or if you’re on Chrome or Opera, as both browsers have issues displaying emoji in the address bar). 😁.to di...

3 Steps to Securing a Domain Name for Your Company
See Who Owns It If your desired domain name is not available, that does not mean that it is unobtainable. Visit the address and see what kind of website owns it. If it appears to be a legitimate busin...

The Ins And Outs Of Registering And Protecting Your Business Domain
Just the simple act of searching for available domain names on certain websites can trigger a chain ... but do you really want that information to be publicly associated with your company website? For ...

I Gave Up on Squarespace and Built My Own Photo Website from Scratch
Squarespace has made available to individuals what would otherwise cost ... When you sign up for a Squarespace account, you will also likely register for your own domain (website) name. It is actually ...

The Importance of Choosing the Right Hosting Service for Your Website
Considerable thought and effort may have gone into coming up with the perfect domain name that captures the ... is the question as to what kind of website you want to make and what type of content you ...

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