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How to register your own domain name
If the name is available, you will have the choice to register the ... the IP address where your domain’s website is hosted) by updating your site’s nameservers. If you don’t have a place to host your website or information, most registrars have ...

The Pirate Bay Moves to .AC After Domain Name Seizure
Following pressure from the entertainment industry the domain registry of Sint Maarten appears to have seized The Pirate Bay's .SX domain name. The torrent site ... other domain to make the Pirate Bay website available. The letter set an ultimatum of ...

How to Choose a Domain Name That’s Right for Your Site
You want to keep your domain name short so that it’s easier to type and remember. If you make it too long, people may not remember it, which decreases the likelihood of your website being shared by others. Try to limit your name to 2-3 words. This will ...

Brandsight Announces Beta Release of Next-Generation Corporate Domain Name Management Platform
Brandsight, a provider of next-generation corporate domain management solutions, announced today the beta release of their corporate domain name management platform ... predictive user experience Understand website resolution status and ensure that ...

Trademarks411 Helps Businesses Mitigate Rising Cybersquatting by Launching Automatic Domain Check
Cybercriminals are taking advantage of trademark public records and are stealing domains of matching filed trademarks with hopes that business owners will purchase the domain name on the dark web from the ... and stealing these available unregistered ...

18 Tools for Picking the Perfect Domain Name
There are two external APIs for web services and client-side implementations. Lean Domain Search's domain name generator specializes in showcasing unique and quirky domain names using prefixes and suffixes. It also checks the availability of the exact ...

Hosting your own website just got a whole lot more affordable
You even have the option to get that first domain name for free for the first year ... Arch Hosting is a Cloudflare Optimized Partner with its Railgun service available for fast web site updates. Its servers have increased PHP memory limit for improved ...

Public Domain vs. Private Domain—What To Choose?
As the name suggests, a public domain has everything available to the public. Anything that is published on a public domain is one whose copyright has expired, inapplicable, or has been forfeited. When you register your website as a public domain ...

Dot-UK launch: why do we need new domain names?
But why do we need new domain names ... The number of web addresses was therefore limited by the number of available top-level domains. In February 2014, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which manages the domain name ...

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