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Godaddy releases domain name appraisal tool to the public
New appraisal tool will give you a free and quick domain name appraisal. GoDaddy has made its much-improved automated domain name valuation tool available to the public. The beta tool allows anyone to ...

The LeapFish Chronicles: "Admitting To Click Fraud Is An Interesting Business Model."
When we first covered LeapFish, once a domain name appraisal service, they had just launched a new meta search engine which I claimed no one would ever use. Practically immediately after posting, we w...

Domain Name Appraisal
In the wild and crazy heyday of domain name buying and selling many of the choice words in the English language have already been gobbled up. But not all domain names are created equal; certain domain ...

GoDaddy to Offer Bulk Appraisal “Token” to NamesCon Attendees
GoDaddy recently introduced a free domain name appraisal tool. The purpose of the automated appraisal is to help give users a sense of the value of a domain name. The proprietary appraisal algorithm i...

Domain Name Appraisal scam still making the rounds
After all these years, it’s still going strong. It’s one of the oldest scams in the books, and apparently it’s still working. The domain appraisal scam goes like this: someone says they’re interested ...

Sedo, and the problem
Several domain exchanges have emerged as early leaders. Sedo is ranked number one by domain name appraisal consultancy, Zetetic of Davis, Calif, who recently released revenue data they compiled on the ...

GoDaddy Launches Free Domain Appraisal Tool
GoDaddy has made its domain name appraisal tool public, and visitors are now able to appraise any domain name. I believe the algorithm used for these (free) automated domain appraisals is the same one ...

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